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I'm a licensed architect in the State of New Hampshire with 34 years of experience that spans the gamut of design and construction, from building design to Building Code enforcement.


My method involves simple, elegant solutions using appropriate, aesthetic materials with a context-sensitive vernacular, all delivered with a collaborative approach to problem solving.


Architectural Design


New Construction


Commercial and residential

Code Consulting


Plan reviews

Code interpretations

Existing condition evaluations and recommendations.

Construction Monitoring




AIA form G702 verification

Life Safety Evaluations


Plan reviews

Code interpretations

Existing condition evaluations and recommendations.

As-Built Documentation




Accessibility Certification


Plan reviews

Facility Inspections

Existing condition evaluations and recommendations.




Private Residence

Nashua, NH.


Addition to an existing house with enlarged kitchen, and new master bedroom, enclosed porch and outdoor deck

Private Residence

Litchfield, NH (under construction)

A newly constructed age-friendly single-family home

Commercial Office Addition


Coming soon

Business Approach


I've worked in many roles withn the design and construction industry, and one principle is constantly being made evident; that a collaborative teamwork approach to solving a problem always works best.


Sometimes that means taking the lead when necessary or stepping aside when appropriate. As long as the overall strategic objective is understod by everyone on the team, any goal can be accomplished.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why so few projects on your website?

  • Over the last 20 years, my full-time job has been as a Code Official.  While I've been involved with many projects over the years, there are very few that I can take credit for. However, there have been occasional projects along the way which have allowed me to flex creative muscles, and these projects have been the most rewarding.

Why "Archlab?"

  • In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, exploring new ideas is a driving principle of our business approach. When all parties involved reach a consensus of a new and novel idea, the experiemnt is started, monitored and evaluated.


Why "Big-Arch?"

  • It's kind of a sarcastic play on words. We hear terms like "Big Oil", Big Pharma", "Big Auto", etc. thrown around along with the concept of 'too big to fail'.  This allows us to be ambitious, and also laugh at the same time.



I would love to hear about your upcoming project.


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